Saturday, 13 February 2016

Chairs report: ‘Future of the Broadcast Media’ - PLP Culture, Media and Sport Departmental ‎Committee

Last month the new Culture, Media and Sport Departmental ‎Committee, met to discuss the ‘Future of the Broadcast Media’, including the issues of Channel 4 privatisation and the renewal of the BBC Charter. We were joined by:

Daniel Wilson – BBC Head of Policy
Ali Law – Sky Head of Policy
Dan Brooke – Channel 4 Chief Marketing and Communications Officer

I was delighted the Shadow Secretary of State was in attendance. As a result of that meeting I have written to the Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn outlining the major areas of concern for Labour MPs. The summary of which is below. The key point raised was the unhelpful attacks on the BBC at a time of Charter renewal in effect helping Tory critics of the organisation who wish to see it undermined.

Future items for discussion
2.     The future of printed media and Leveson – Hacked Off, IPSO to attend
3.     Openness, accountability and anti-corruption in sport: The Qatar World Cup, FIFA & IAAA – FA, FIFA and perhaps a sports personality to attend?
4.     Data security, privacy and online safety – ISP representative, National Crime Agency to attend, CT
5.     The future of arts and the creative industries – Arts Council, Advertising Association to attend
6.     Superfast Broadband and Connectivity in the UK – BT, FSB to attend
7.     The future of the gambling industry – Adrian Parkinson, one of the big bookies to attend.
Football governance

Graham Jones MP
Chair of DCMS PLP Committee

Friday, 12 February 2016

Roots to Prosperity Woodland Productivity Task

Dear Mr Jones, We had our Roots to Prosperity launch reception last week in Parliament, where the Roots to Prosperity Woodland Productivity Task Group launched three themed prospectuses demonstrating the investment opportunities for productive woodland creation in Northern England. I have attached the prospectuses to this email for ease of reference.

Thursday, 11 February 2016

In for a pound - The relationship between staff wages and Ofsted grades in group-based childcare provision

Dear Mr Jones,

I am delighted to be able to share with you the Family and Childcare Trust's report In for a pound. This looks at the relationship between levels of staff pay and the quality of childcare and is the first in a series of short reports looking at quality in childcare which we are publishing over the next few months. 

Wednesday, 10 February 2016

Tories hand £millions to wealthiest councils – but there’s only cuts for Hyndburn

The £300m Local Government handout to Tory councils and Tory marginals is a stitch-up. The Chancellor has handed hundreds of millions of pounds to the wealthiest Tory councils to ease the pain of spending cuts – but offered nothing to Hyndburn and what it has offered to Lancashire has been clawed back through back door education cuts.

See previous also.

The extra funding for Lancashire of £1.108 m is offset by an Education Service Grant which is £1.177m less than expected.

Hyndburn has suffered some of the very highest spending cuts since 2010 (4th), but has received nothing at all in today’s announcement. Meanwhile, leafy Surrey – one of England’s wealthiest shires – today gets a hand-out of £24m despite suffering far fewer cuts in recent years.

Absolutely scandalous. 83% of extra £300m to local gov goes to southern Tory shires

Under pressure from Tory backbenchers, David Cameron has 'found' £300 million to relieve the worst problems in local government. Southern councils have faced little or no cuts with some receiving an increase over the last 5 years. Yet 83% of the £300m will go to southern Tory shires.

Tuesday, 9 February 2016

e-petition - Please sign to save Lancashire's historic library & museum services

I have set up a e-petition on the parliamentary website to 'Stop Lancashire's tragic library & museum closures by proper government funding.'

Please would you sign it.

Lancashire County Council have had their government funding cut by a further £262million & are now only able to provide statutory services. As a result of funding cuts, 40 libraries & several important museums across Lancashire are to close. Lancashire's (& Britain's) history is being thrown away.

The library & museum closure programme;
• is a disastrous decision for both Lancashire & the North West
• County Museum Service has been carefully & professionally built up since the mid-1970s,
• consider likely response of bodies such as HLF who have invested £millions,
• was regarded as one of the finest public library services in Western Europe,
• libraries are community hubs,
• closure of 40 libraries challenged under 1964 PLMA legislation
• over 100 libraries lost last yr, 441 since 2010

I have signed EDM 1081 in opposition to scrapping of the NHS Bursary

The Government is planning to scrap the NHS Bursary for students of nursing, midwifery and allied health subjects, which will see all non-payable student support for these students abolished and tuition fees of over £9,000 applied to their courses. This will see nurses, midwives and allied health professionals starting their careers with debts of around £51,600.

The Government consultation response on Sunday trading is a whitewash says Usdaw

I fully support USDAWs campaign to 'Keep Sunday Special'.

Whilst it is great for consumers to shop on Sunday it is worth remembering that staff will have to give up two days at weekends.