Wednesday, 28 July 2010

Asbos too much hard work for Tory Council's.

Conservative councils did not apply for Asbos because it might be 'too much work'. FOI requests to all local authorities across the country showed exactly where Asbos were being used - and in 2009 it was Conservative councils who were twice as likely never to even apply for an anti-social behaviour order as Labour ones.

From 2005 to 2009, research showed, one third of continuously Conservative controlled councils never applied for an Asbo compared with 3% of councils under continuous Labour control.

Ken Clarke has already announbced the Tories have joined their Lib Dem colleagues and have gone soft on crime. Recent Tory announcements have stated that prison doesn't work. This is the latest 'let off a lout' policy.

It is my view that prison does work if for no other reason than profilic offenders are no longer profilic. There is a strong case for rehabilitation but walk past any magistrates court on Monday morning's and you will see people who have no intention of showing any respect to others and see crime and villainy as an honourable community and a way of life.

Conservative Hyndburn Council is one of those Council's that has never placed an ASBO.