Monday, 12 July 2010

Hill Top - Baxenden

For over a decade the District Council has abandoned elderly accommodation and left many old people, many on the 90’s living lives of misery in unsuitable old terraced houses.

As a consequence the County Council is behind a scheme to build a huge 5 story overdevelopment, felling 17 trees and concreting and tarmacing over most of the site to such an extent they are taking over by agreement 8 car parking spaces from Haworth Art Gallery car park 200 yards down the road. There is also a question over whether council tax payers should be handing over a £700,000 subsidy as Lancashire County Council propose to do to these private developers.

Councillors in Peel and Clayton want this development however the private sector developers see Baxenden as the most profitable area and it is being railroaded through against resident concerns. Nearly all of the flats will be sold at an inflated price and only those pensioners with a decent home to sell will be able to afford. Even those people will be denied their retirement money as they are shoe horned into buying rather than renting.

I want Conservative and Independent Councillors to sign up to a huge increase in rented accommodation for the elderly like Labour Councillors have done alread.y.

County Councillor Graham Jones