Tuesday, 13 July 2010

I oppose this unfair VAT rise

Raising VAT is an unfair tax rise. Pensioners will have to pay the full cost of the VAT hike – but those over 65 will not receive any help from the Government.

I know that difficult decisions need to be taken as we come out of the worst global recession in living memory. I agree that the deficit needs to be reduced. At the election I stood on a Labour manifesto that had a plan to reduce the deficit by half over four years.

We rejected a VAT increase as part of our deficit reduction plan, and chose to increase National Insurance Contributions instead – which wouldn’t have affected pensioners.

During the election campaign, the Conservatives repeatedly criticised our plans to raise National Insurance Contributions and denied that they had plans to raise VAT.

The Lib Dems campaigned against raising VAT but it turns out that in power they have abandoned their principles. They have let people down.

The Government have made the wrong choice. The increase in VAT that the Conservatives and Lib Dems said we wouldn’t see is a broken promise that will hit ordinary people just trying to get on hardest.

The 20% rise is on its way in January unless MPs can defeat it in the House of Commons. You deserve to know where your Member of Parliament stands on the unfair VAT rise, which is set go up to 20% in January.

So it would be wrong for the Tory Lib Dem Government get this rise through without a vote in the House of Commons. I hope you will call on all MPs to vote against the increase in VAT to 20%.

I’m demanding from the Government that MPs get a vote on this issue and if given the chance I will vote against it. Show your support by signing my petition against the unfair VAT rise.