Wednesday, 15 September 2010

Consultation by LCC on charging for travel to chu4rch schools

Currently faith schools are included by law (Education Act 1996), in free transportation for pupils who live over the statutory walking distance from their nearest suitable school, are entitled to receive free travel.

The County Council are proposing that from September 2011, the families of all new pupils who would currently be entitled to transport assistance on denominational grounds under the present discretionary arrangements, will be asked to make a contribution of £2 per day per child towards the cost, for a return journey.

This is a difficult moral issue in that encouraging secular education is on balance better however many parents value church education.

The realties however are somewhat different certainly in East Lancashire where faith schools are very acomodating in terms of diversity and eduction including science and evolution. Religion plays a subdued role within the learning environment with encouragement on tolerance and achievement.

A situation that causes little divergence from non-faith education and because of which, many ordinary familes choose to send their children.

In essence they are not different and this policy is discriminatory and will be seen that way by parents whose religious beliefs are somewhat relaxed.

This is of course part of this governments outragous choice to decrease the national debt way beyond reasonable, whatever the cost to simply cut the size of the state and create a system where people are on their own, left to fend for themselves.

Consultation on Transport to Denominational (Church Schools) 2010.