Wednesday, 29 September 2010

Gt Harwood Health Centre Part 2

An update in regards to Albion Mill and the report to the PCT board.

There is now a publicly available report in circulation that will go to the PCT Board on Thursday recommending that the Board accepts that the original proposals for a health centre in Great Harwood are unaffordable.
Sadly government spending plans are further hitting investment plans. Gt Harwood is being hit again after the collapse of government funding for the Town Gate, refurbishment of the baths where free swimming has been ended and now the Health Centre.
The report also indicates that it might be possible to build a scaled down version on the Albion Mill site (at a cost of £3m rather than £8m); or that the PCT could look at other options for refurbishing the existing facility or hiring space elsewhere. I understand that the only decision that the Board will be asked to make is to confirm that the original proposals are unaffordable. It will not be asked to express a preference on any other possible options.

The Council have urged the PCT to move to an early demolition of the existing mill building and the Council have advised that the Authority would have little option than to pursue action for blight if the building is not demolished or refurbished in the near future.

The Council have made clear that in their view the PCT should be aiming to demolish the building before Christmas.

It is hoped to hear news within the next 2 weeks about the PCT's intentions.