Wednesday, 8 September 2010

Lancashire County Council tax payers to foot bill for cancelled Building Schools for theFuture

Earlier this year the coalition scrapped the BSF programme l;eaving Lancashire County Council with outstanding costs incurred of some £900 000.

I have now received an answer to my question to the Secretary of State for Education, if he will compensate Lancashire County Council for its expenditure incurred in relation to those elements of the Building Schools for the Future programme in Lancashire which will not now proceed. (9761)

Nick Gibb, the minister has responded saying "there are no plans to compensate local authorities for expenditure incurred in relation to these elements of Building Schools for theFuture programme that will not now proceed."

County Tax Payers have just wasted nearly £1million on a scheme that would have changed people's lives, children and communities. The Treasury's arrogance that it can just walk away and wipe it's hands sets an unhealthy prescident.