Monday, 20 September 2010

Whinney Hill Waste Transfer Station - latest

Just to keep readers up to date with progress I have written to the head of the Directorate at Lancashire Council Council last week and recievd this reponse on the latest position.

To enable construction of the East Lancashire Waste Technology Park and Whinney Hill Link Road it is essential that all land is in the County Council’s ownership and that the necessary rights over land are acquired.

Whilst lengthy negotiations were held with landowners and tenants there was no guarantee that they would be prepared to sell by negotiation and therefore, even though negotiations continued, on the 4th September 2008 the Council approved the use of the County Council’s powers of Compulsory Purchase to acquire all necessary land, and rights over land, for the construction and maintenance of the East Lancashire Waste Technology Park and Whinney Hill Link Road in the form of 2 Compulsory Purchase Orders and that those Orders be submitted to the Secretary of State for confirmation.

We were directed by the Confirming Authorities to hold a Public Inquiry for both the Orders and a joint Public Inquiry was held at the Dunkenhalgh Hotel over 3 weeks last November/December.

There is no statutory timescales for making and releasing a decision and although we still await the outcome we are hoping to have a result very soon.

To ensure that the services that the Council require are delivered on time and having anticipated a long wait for the decision Lancashire County Council has already undertaken a procurement exercise for a Contractor to build the Whinney Hill Link Road. Although a Contract cannot be appointed until a decision has been made the Council would be in a position to start works on site early in 2011 should we acquire the land.

The bulk of the work on the East Lancashire Technology Waste Technology Park will start 6 months after the start date of the road (so that construction vehicles can use the new road for access and thus avoid Huncoat) with a build time of approximately 18 months.

If you would like any more details on the above project then please feel free to contact: John Birch, Waste Contracts and Partnerships Manager on 01772 534084.