Thursday, 28 October 2010

Housing Market Renewal axed

The Government despite the empty noises in support of housing market renewal have axed funding from April 2011.

After cuts, HMR funding has been shifted to the national regional growth fund open to bids from any area for any project ending ring fencing for HMR areas and direct housing funding.

Today Pennine Lancashire's bid for an economic LEP was turned down. Regenerate, the HMR organisation is winding down and is in no position to bid to the Regional Growth Fund.

Partnership working has been given a hammer blow and this knee capping of East Lancashire there is little hope of accessing any future housing funding whilst Conservative Council leaders focus on keeping their seats rather than allocate their efforts to seeking urgently any replacement housing funding.

I feel for the people of Peel & Barnfield who were promised £50million over next 7 years by Hyndburn Councils leader and Barnfield ward councillors.