Wednesday, 20 October 2010

The issue of BSkyB's ever increasing influence and the Government criticism of the BBC

I have been contacted by several people worried about Rupert Murdock's increasing influence over broadcasting.

The media play an ever increasing influential role in civic life. It is with great horror that I watch Fox News. Reporting of exceptionally low standards in that it denies the viewer a balanced view with an open ended offer.

The Times has removed itself from the pedestal of fairness and objectivity and fallen as with BSkyB stable mate, into a pattern of setting news agendas with partisanship.

Talk Sport is deplorable at times and as a working class person my view is that it doesn't try to inform me but deliberately infuriate. The John Gaunt show was about greed being good for society. Such politicisation within a more concentrated media ownership causes great concern.

Legislation is required to protect local programming, quality broadcasting, protection for minors and public decency. To limit ownership and reduce editorial influence over balanced reporting. To limit advertising on TV - particularly subliminal, additional and frequency. To set standards against salubrious and gratuitous magazine and news print and to reform libel in favour of the individual and in reward for honesty.

I cannot see BskyB wishing to follow any of this agenda, and its rapacious expansionism is undermining quality and choice. I will as always push for BSkyB to play a more responsible role within a diverse industry where there are clear limits on ownership and responsibility.

I have written to Vince Cable on the matter and will happily forward copies onto residents who are interested in seeing his reply.