Saturday, 30 October 2010

NHS Ambulance Trust: Hyndburn MP visits Ambulance Service

Press release from the North West Ambulance Trust.

Hyndburn MP Graham Jones paid a visit to North West Ambulance Service NHS Trust (NWAS) on Friday 29 October to hear from staff about their work.

Mr. Jones met with senior representatives from NWAS to discuss the Trust’s progress and future plans before being given a tour of Lancashire’s emergency control centre in Broughton near Preston to see first hand how 999 calls are handled.

NWAS’s Chief Executive, Darren Hurrell said: “We invited Graham to visit us to make sure he is fully informed on our developments, initiatives and the steps we are taking to provide an excellent emergency care and patient transport service to people in the North West.

“Discussions included investments in the workforce, technology and vehicles, how the Trust is commissioned, improvements in performance this year, as well as major incident resilience - including how well our staff handled four major incidents in Cumbria in the last year.

“We also made sure Graham knew about the Trust’s views on public health and wellbeing together with the work we are doing in support of the NHS Choose Well campaign which encourages people to consider other healthcare pathways as an alternative to dialling 999 - such as GPs, Urgent Care Centres and Minor Injury Units.”

Graham Jones MP commented, "The NHS Ambulance staff do a wonderful job with shrinking budgets and I made very welcome. On my visit I was made aware of all the work they do from blue light through to passenger transport, disaster planning, air ambulance calls and just how quick and efficient the NHS are at responding to emergencies. This is part of a tour of all public services in the area I am doing to develop closer working relationship."


Issued by Fiona Bateson, Communications Officer
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§ North West Ambulance Service NHS Trust was established on 1 July 2006 with the merger of the Cumbria, Lancashire, Mersey Regional and Greater Manchester Ambulance Services, the aim being to provide the best possible ambulance and pre-hospital care service to the people of North West England.

§ The Trust works with other partners to develop new ways of delivering emergency and urgent healthcare to the patient.

§ The Trust will seek to minimise unnecessary emergency hospital admissions through the provision of suitable alternative pathways of patient care and by working with our NHS partners.

§ We will strive for patients to receive appropriate care and experience from consistently getting the right response, first time, in time and in the right place.

§ The service covers an area of over 5,400 square miles with a population of over seven million people.

§ The Trust employs around 5,500 staff.

§ Almost 1,000 emergency and non-emergency vehicles operate in the region.

§ Over one million emergency calls are received each year.