Thursday, 11 November 2010

Baroness Warsi, zealous cutter and arch Cameronite walks past Hyndburn's poor

This week Baroness Warsi marched in to Hyndburn. Parliamentary courtesy to the sitting MP reduced to a hastily one line email dispatched the night before with the illuminating text, 'Following Parliamentary protocol (on courtesy), Baroness Warsi will be in Hyndburn tomorrow'.

Courtesy there was though for those of correct political persuasion; Hyndburn's great and blue were attendant with abundant catering awaiting, resplendently organised.

Baroness Warsi's reputation for ignorance does travel ahead of her and the disappointment of missing out on meeting 'her highness' to discuss 'non political matters' was at best muted.

This week it was revealed that Baroness Wasrsi has hung in her departmental office the most expensive carpet in Whitehall as ministers have adorned their walls with government art at a cost of £20,0000 to the taxpayer.

For the wretched of Woodnook having faced up to Baroness Warsi's Government cuts of £50million of Housing/Elevate regeneration funding to that area leaving it a boarded up ghetto in part, it was the first opportunity to make their case.

To highlight their plight and gain a direct ministerial response to the cuts. A sympathetic ear. A chance to engage with the minister and point out the plight of those in need - those who had been promised by her very colleagues, the Tory Council that their area would be regenerated.

Not so. Cue a campaingning opportunity which takes Baroness Warsi straight past Woodnook to Baxenden where the Conservatives need to win a by election next week to remain in control of the Council. Straight into election mode. Straight into the journalists notebook. That's Baroness Warsi at her most radiant. Talking more rubbish.

Pressed on the plight of Hyndburn residents bearing up to the largest cuts of any area in Britain she responds as contradictorily as usual, "The state of the country is far too serious to try and play politics with it."

She states, "let's try and be constructive", a meaningless point on it's own, and follows that with the rather strange justification "I grew up in a house where dad was unemployed at one time in his life and that's why this is personal to me." Baxenden, really? Where unemployment is 1.5% (Sept 2010 for absolute accuracy). Surely someone has put the wrong satnav destination in her ministerial car?

A confused message that suddenly breaks in to blue skies thinking. The real reasom for her visit. A transition of thought that only Baroness Warsi could make. "It's not just about the by election. But it is an important by election for the council and it is important to be here, as party chairman."

Ahh: so where was the visit to Woodnook? Where was the "we are all in this together". Where was the non-political visit? Perhaps we are clearer on why the MP and opposition where dismissed before the visit had even begun.

This wasn't a fleet footed politician but a flat footed uncaring opportunist and the people of Hyndburn aren't fools. In true Lancastrian I can tell one Yorkshire person with the same one line etiquette that was extended in correspondence the night before, 'good riddance and don't come back'.