Friday, 12 November 2010

LEPs elsewhere given green light to bid, Lancashire left out in cold as Tory infighting continues

Tory squabbling about who should be in charge of Lancashire's economic regeneration, Pennine Lancashire or Lancashire County Council has hit the hopes of local communities wishing to bid to Government for grants through the regional growth fund.

County Council leader Geoff Driver was quoted recently as saying to east Lancashire leaders, "the train is on the platform and LCC is ready to go without you".

The idle chat following this loose threat revolved around childrens train characters.

The government has turned down a Pennine Lancashire business partnership LEP because of Lancashire's rival bid stating the variety and mixed applications were fragmented and conflicting had affected the governments decision to delay.

The parliamentary question below demonstrates that Tory infighting is putting Lancashire's residents last in the political wars potentially losing out of £millions worth of government investment in this area.