Tuesday, 2 November 2010

Private Landlords leaving many of their tenants in fuel poverty - Government to act

As part ofthe Governments 'Green Deal', private sector landlords who do not take up the governments free offer to insulate their houses can be fined by local authorities £5,000.

Hyndburn has chronic housing problems in areas of concentrated private rented accocomdation. Fuel poverty in Peel and Barnfield is the highest in the Borough.

Shockingly 21% of private tenancies nationally are amongst the lowest rated for energy efficency, Band F and G - 676,000.

68% of private landlords had uninsulated caviaty walls and 45% had less than 100mm of insulation or none at all. An absolute disgrace. These figures in my voew are representatitive of Haslingden and Hyndburn.

Recent attempts to get the PRS to take responsibility have failed. A government programme to improve loft insulation has seen a 92% take up from owner occupiers and a paltry 1.9% from the private landlords.

It is a blight on society. A modern misery than destroys families, attacks health, thrusts children into poverty and profits from the vulnerable.

I welcome the governments proposal to fine landlords.