Wednesday, 3 November 2010

Residents’ fears for Accrington ‘ghetto’ areas

Residents’ fears for Accrington ‘ghetto’ areas (From Lancashire Telegraph)

Back in 2004 I spoke about the wreckless risk the Council was undertaking to only regenerate one area at once. The Government had highlighted many areas the Council should have intervened in and the Council paid lip service.

Crucially Woodnook, probably the most run down area was told by the Council it had to wait seven years until 2011 but only after a presentation that alluded to immediate funding. The balance of the Council then was Conservative 18- Labour 17.

The Government last week cut the £9mllion as year housing market renewal funding with littl e money having beeing spent in Woodnook. The Council Leader talks of new funding bids but this is back to square one, if not further back with a government hell bent on cutting spending at all costs.

The outlook for Woodnook has never been bleaker.