Tuesday, 14 December 2010

Accrington Bus Station - Pennine Reach 'not dead yet' part 2

I wrote in October about the misundertsanding that existed over Accrington Bus Station project which is wrapped up the wider Pennine Reach funding bid to Government.

That it has not been scrapped but put in a reserve pool awaiting a revised bid from Lancashire County Council.

The County Council have stated this week in response to land issues on the site:

Lancashire County Council has written to the Planning Inspectorate explaining that the scheme is dependent upon Govemment funding. Following the Govemment's Comprehensive Spending Review the Pennine Reach Scheme, of which the bus station remains an integral part, has been placed in the Development Pool of schemes and the County Council is required to put in a revised bid for consideration by 4 January 2011.

The outcome of that bid will not be known until the spring of next year and there is no guarantee that funding for the scheme will be forthcoming. Until funding for the scheme has been approved, the County Council cannot commit itself to purchasing the land.
We have requested that the Public Inquiry should be held in abeyance until the outcome of this process is known. The Inspectorate is we believe contacting the other interested parties, including the owners to gauge their views in response to this request.