Thursday, 9 December 2010

More job cuts at BAe systems

This a disaster for the employee’s and their families. The Coalition’s plans for growth are a shambles designed to trick ordinary people.

The Tories can give money for Irish banks but not defence contracts to support British workers and British companies. Osborne’s defence cuts put over a thousand highly skilled engineers out on dole in October and now a further 1,300 of skilled people will be put on out of work benefits.
The cuts in the Harrier programme mean will aircraft carriers with no aircraft on until 2020. There are many highly advanced engineering local and regional companies who will affected by the knock on consequences.

The government has no policy for growth and the cuts are too fast and too deep. Unemployment will result in the deficit growing, not shrinking. Worryingly the loss of Saudi Arabian contracts adding to the job losses blows a hole in the Government’s of building up high skilled manufacturing and exporting our way of the deficit to offset the 500,000 public sector job cuts.

BAe systems stated "There was obviously some positive news following then SDSR in terms of the Typhoon contracts and that of the F35 fighter. There was disappointment over the loss of the NIMROD and early withdrawal of the Harrier.

BAE have now received termination letters from the MoD for the NIMROD and Harrier. As a result BAE will now be consulting with a view to terminating a total of 1252 jobs across BAE Systems. This will include job losses at Salmesbury and Warton.

There will be potentially 119 job losses at Samlesbury as a result of the termination of the MINROD and the Harrier. A further 668 job losses are expected at Warton following the MRA4 and the Harrier.

Also in relation to BAE systems business with Saudi Arabia they are looking at the real possibility of an additional 90 job losses at Samlesbury as a result of termination of contracts with BAE in Saudi Arabia. We are looking at total job losses of 209 personnel at Samlesbury."
There will be a press statement at 10am today.