Thursday, 6 January 2011

Big Society collapsing: Home Start Hyndburn, a charity helping young familes close to collapse

David Cameron's Big Society is collapsing. There was never any doubt that cutting the government budget equated to huge cuts in the voluntary and charitable sectors.

My own view is this is sheer madness. Volunteers by their very name give hours of public service and help draw in £millions of private contributions and a significant proportion of this is going just just be allowed to wither and die just to save a much smaller amount in the governments own budget.

Today I learned that Home Start Hyndburn, a charity helping young familes is close to collapse. They have an emergency fund raising event on Friday 21st January, 8pm at the Brookes Club on Infant Street.

Home Start as an organisation help families with young children. People who will be in most need as the Tory led governments' austerity bites.

When Mervyn King was critical of Osborne and Cameron, he didn't need to just confine his comments to the economy, he could have extended his critique all the way up to Cameron's own flagship idea, his Big Society.

The reality is, it is the old Tory way; every person for them self and if your one of the unfortunate, unlucky.