Friday, 14 January 2011

Citizens Advide Bureau Hyndburn: The start of the 'little society'.

Having met the managers of both CAB Rossendale and Hyndburn in the last few weeks I worry that government cuts, rather than produce David Cameron's much vaunted 'Big Society', an ironic juxtaposition to Margaret Thatcher's 'there's no such thing as society', we are hurtling faster than the political speed of light toward the 'little society.

Funding cuts to both local CABs are looking edging toward the 50% mark and as a direct consequence Hyndburn CAB may end face to face debt advice. Alternate and less visible premises may have to be sought and four more people will be added to the seeking work register at JobCentre+.

Rossendale is facing a similar predicament.

The next few weeks we find out is the Treasury who directly fund Financial Inclusion Fund worth £35,000 to Hyndburn will kick the last crutch from under CAB as we know it.

This government are letting people down with reckless cuts. That's as said. However they are deceiving people with 'Big Society'. It is evidentially not big, it is actually getting smaller and much to the detriment of us all. CAB are just another victim of this cruel deceit.

Just remember it was George Osborne who said "we are all in this together" and "the burden of debt should not fall on the shoulders of the poor" and it was David Cameron who promised 'no front line cuts'. It was Nick Clegg who promised a "fairer society" mind you at least Clegg has been 'outed' as someone who will say anything and it means nothing.