Monday, 24 January 2011

Government secretly removes an extra £4.5million from Lancashire's Schools

Ed Balls case against Gove as incompetent was right. He is also overseeing unfair and now, secretive cuts

Mr Gove has been trying to trump up in the national media the headline numbers of his flagship academy Schools. At the same time has been unable to provide a list of proposed academy schools that would provide the information for fair and clear education funding.

Gove's unfair guesswork this week resulted in Lancashire being short changed around £4.5million without a hint of transparency.

As part of the Local Government Finance Settlement announced in December an adjustment has been made to Formula Grant for Education Authorities to reflect the transfer of "central education resources" to new Academies.

Lancashire is to lose about £4.5million. The Total Formula Grant is to be reduce by £5.281m in respect of Academies. (2011/12) £2.954m, and (2012/13) £2.327m. Work carried out by CYP based on the 4 Secondary and 1 Primary school currently in the Academy Programme indicates that these schools will receive of the order of £0.8m of additional resources related to LEA functions over this period.

The problem is that the governments adjustment made is based on Dept. for Educations undisclosed forecast of the number of new academies over the next two years rather than on the actually approved academies.

This morning the Daily Telegraph reported that ‘Councils to pay the price as academies expand’ (Tele p4) – Councils face missing out on funding worth £100ms because of expansion to the govt’s academies programme.