Thursday, 6 January 2011

LEP: LCC Leader keeps a straight face whilst misleading the public

The raging debate on a Lancashire LEP continues. Frosty relations between Lancashire Town Halls.

On the 16th December at Lancashire County Council's Full Council a vigorous exchange took place between Burnley Council Leader and LCC's leader made numerous inaccurate comments.

25 minutes into the video of proceedings The County Council Leader makes a claim that there is only one Lancashire LEP bid. On the 8th December the Minister has received two bids as noted in the letter from Mark Prisk.

CC Driver, the Lancashire Leader also claimed Hyndburn is not supporting a rival Pennine Lancashire LEP bid which it is. It is about time Lancashire County Council plays a fair game or raps up it's bid.

It's about time we had a new kind of politics. County Councillor Driver should tell the truth or resign. There is no leader who is worth his position who cannot tell the truth.