Monday, 7 February 2011

Royds Avenue road safety scheme

Following the safety audit and geotechnical comments the original scheme has had to be revised. This is part of the normal development process for traffic calming schemes.

A revised design has been prepared and will go for Safety Audit next week and the turnaround is normally three weeks. The scheme will also go to LCCG for pricing to give a higher degree of confidence in the estimate as funding is extremely tight for this project. It would be prudent to go out to consultation with a scheme which has been shown to meet the basic safety and cost criteria.

I note there has already been some opposition to the proposed speed cushions with calls for "more appropriate" forms of traffic calming. I suspect this may be chicanes or priority give way throttles. I do not believe, given the relatively low traffic volumes using the wider sections of Hollins Lane and Royds Avenue, that these methods would have an effect on traffic speed. Only a severe scheme like that on Charter Street, Accrington would be effective in lowering speeds but I suspect this would be unpalatable for residents.

I apologise for the delay in getting the scheme out to consultation and assure you that I will endeavour to consult the residents as soon as is possible.