Monday, 7 March 2011

BBC News - Pathfinder home regeneration schemes scrapped

This morning BBC TV News ran a piece about the cuts in Housing Market Renewal which Hyndburn was one of the most significant recipients receiving some £8.5m per year. This money has been axed and Woodnook, East Accrington and parts of Blackburn Road will remain derelict and run down.

The Government has stated in this interview and others that ‘enough money has been provided’ to finish legal obligations. Hyndburn has received just £2.7m to cover around 1400 properties. £2,000 per property or around 100 demolitions.

The Government has run in trouble as Hyndburn Borough Council have decided to spend the funding large scale election promises in marginal seats. Funding has not been ring fenced for the purpose the minister has identified and Conservative Hyndburn Council is taking full advantage.

Early indications suggest that current commitments and a minimum exit strategy to avoid blight becoming the norm will cost in excess of £2.7m allocated. To watch the full piece follow the link below.