Wednesday, 27 July 2011

Campaign for better regulation of private landlords gets supportive landord letter in Wirral News

Jul 27 2011
Birkenhead News

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Wirral News Letters: July 27- Need for regulation

LABOUR MP Graham Jones has demanded an “urgent statement” from housing minister Grant Shapps “on the crisis of rogue landlords in the private rented sector”.

Speaking in the Commons, Jones referred to Channel 4 recent dispatches programme “Landlords from Hell”, which showed one landlord, who was operating a charity, boasting that he could break the law and would sort out his tenants with a baseball bat.

Jones said: “Tens of thousands of people are trapped with poor or rogue landlords in the private rented sector.”

The MP is opposed to the landlord’s move to have selective licensing regime thrown out. He has gone on record as saying: “Given the chronic state the sector is in – it is more regulation and intervention that is required, and not less.”

Julie Rugg in the “Rugg Report” commissioned by the former Labour government but totally ignored so far by the housing minister, recommended that both residential letting and managing agents and landlords needed to be licensed because of providing a public service. She also strongly recommended that the Residential Letting Industry as a whole was in need of a complete and urgent overhaul.

Because there has been a serious delay in resolving matters, this is why we now have a worrying problem with both rogue landlords and tenants.

As a former professional landlord myself spending 40 years within the lettings industry, I am in favour of mandatory licensing which, if done effectively, will get rid of both the rogue elements once and for all. If other public services are regulated, why should the Residential Letting Industry get away with being regulated itself.

I welcome sensible comments from both agents and landlords.
Richard Globe, Wallasey