Wednesday, 6 July 2011

Last night's Newsnight report on HMR

Having provided Newsnight with significant amount of information for last night HMR piece, I was terribly disapointed with the standard of journalism.

Blaming the last government was sloppy. Reminding viewers it was a pathfinder should have provided a clue. The Council's were given the money and told to 'find a path'. There was never any dictats from government on expenditure other than low demand areas.

To omit the recent discussion on whay the government have cut the scheme and to apply a note form DCLG on why at the end was again poor. The note itself full of innacuracies and misleading statements.

The jopurmalist asks "why can't we just get people out". And then what?

A community activist was asked if she worried about the money running out and she said she had. The reality is bad decisions were taken by LibDem Councils in Hull, Sheffield, Liverpool, Stoke and it was wrong to suggest it was the incompetence of the Labour Government.

Newsnight had asked if a discussion took place would I go on the programme. News International squeezed out the discussion whicgh was a shame. This piece needed a discussion and I would have welcomed the chance to explain what the issues are.