Monday, 22 August 2011

HMR decision put back

I wrote recently to Grant Shapps making the point that his criteria of 50% or less occupancy in a terrace block would qualify around 12 terraced blocks in Accrington's HMR areas.

That the Council, forced to 50% match fund could only afford to bid for 2 or 3 blocks for demolition or refurbishment leaving some 9 blocks qualifying but being neglected. Some £1m in total from the Council.

HMR money is being unfairly distributed. The Merseyside's and Hull also bidding for the £30m government fund are unitary authorities with 50x the budget of Hyndburn Council.

Lancashire County Council is contributing nothing.

Housing in low demand under Mr Shapps is in chaos. The letter promises funds via the New Homes Bonus, an oft made promise by the Mr Shapps. Hyndburn's allocation was just £63,000 whilst leafy shires down south (who don't need the money) received in excess of £1.5m or more.

£63k might buy one house at current prices.

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