Monday, 19 September 2011

Save Great Harwood Receycling Centre petition goes to Parliament

Great Harwood Household Waste Recycling campaign goes on. Last Wednesday I took the petition to Parliament calling on self proclaimed 'greenest government ever' to write to LCC to oppose the closure of Great Harwood Household Waste Recycling.
Graham Jones, House of Commons, 14 September 2011;
"I should like to present this petition, on behalf of the residents of Great Harwood in Lancashire and of surrounding areas, to save the recycling centre in said town. A petition in similar terms, asking for the same action, has been signed by a number of my constituents. Great Harwood Community Action Group has gathered a petition of some 1,500 signatures; 3,000 signatures against the closure were gathered at the recycling centre prior to that; about 600 protest letters have been sent to the county council; and I personally received 84 letters of objection to the closure at the beginning of the process.

The petition states:

The Petition of residents of Great Harwood, Lancashire and others,

Declares that following Lancashire County Council's budget review and report into household waste recycling centres, there are now plans to close further recycling centres across the county; that it has been announced that Great Harwood is one of the sites that has been identified to close; and that the Petitioners believe that this will inevitably decrease recycling and increase fly-tipping in Great Harwood and the surrounding areas of Lancashire

The Petitioners therefore request that the House of Commons urges the Government to write to Lancashire County Council to ask them to reconsider the proposal to shut the Great Harwood Household Waste Recycling Centre and to keep it open, as it is a vital service to the town and surrounding areas.

And the Petitioners remain, etc."
I along with recyclers gathered last Sunday to show our support for the Great Harwood Household Waste Recycling Centre facility and to protest at proposals to close it. The event, which was organised by Great Harwood Community Action Group and local Borough and County Councillors saw people queuing at the gates to register their protest and take part in a mass recycle..
Great Harwood County Councillor, Ciaran Wells commented:
'We have had people visiting from all over the area to show their support for the centre and to tell Lancashire County Council that they value this service and don’t want to see it cut.

We've thousands of signatories and I have already delivered around 2,000 protest letters to County Hall. The Community Action Group along with residents have done a great job today and I would like thank them for their efforts'.
There was a real genuine concern  and activists and I distributed protest letters and assisted people in signing the parliamentary petition.

The government needs to know that our recycling centres play a huge role in ensuring we have clean and tidy streets. Everybody I met today was concerned about the impact any closure would have on increased fly-tipping and the environment. Great Harwood has fantastic community organisations and they were out in force today'.