Monday, 19 September 2011

Boundary Commisison protests to close to home for the Government - Conservative protests begin

There has been an up swell of constituents bemoaning Government imposed boundary changes. "Why has the government abolished our constituency?", or "Why have they divided up our town or broken up our community?"

The reality is some 400 seats have changed radically out of 533 current English seats. Scotland and Wales find boundary proposals come later this year. The BBC suggested just 57 remained unaffected. The majority of these in England are actually Conservative seats.

One boundary change which would 'move' historic Gloucester Cathedral into the rural Forest of Dean Parliamentary constituency was condemned as 'madness'. The 900-year-old cathedral and also Gloucester docks - the UK's most inland port -becoming part of the Forest of Dean constituency.

It's not surprising that Conservatives are leading the campaigns against their own legislative proposals by the Boundary Commission. Wedded to community out of the large urban areas, they are the ones who are hurting the most.

In Hyndburn local Conservatives have begun a petition to change to boundaries whilst the local newspaper is beginning a campaign to protect the historic parliamentary seat.

Playing with people's identity cuts deep into the psyche of ardent non-voter, never mind the feelings of all voters of whatever persuasion. It's a dangerous game and just maybe the Government will get the message to refrain from changing the ties of community.