Thursday, 6 October 2011

Campaign to re-instate the No12 service goes on

In the last two months June Harrison who has been tireless in her efforts and I, along with Terry Hurn (Baxenden Conservative Councillor) and David Hartley (Labour Baxenden candidate) have campaigned for the reinstatement of a Baxenden bus service following the subsidy withdrawal from LCC and consequent ending of the previous service.

We have spoken to bus operators in the hope that a market day service may be revived based on sufficient patronage on that particular service.

Both as a County Councillor and MP, I have also begun a review of the County's bus operations and whether it may be beneficial to change the system to a franchised system with franchised routes as in London.
Pilkington Buses have expressed an interest and I attach the most recent correspondence from Alan Pilkington.
(To LCC),

We are receiving dozens of requests to re-instate the Baxenden service 12 in Accrington. We have also received requests from local councillors, Terry Hurn., June Harrison and local MP Graham Jones (on behalf of himself and David Hartley).

Having looked at last years passenger numbers and the fact that it failed to raise 40% of the subsidy paid through the farebox, I am not able to operate on a stand alone basis. Please could you send me a copy of the most recent passenger and revenue details for this service.

Please could you also send me the current passenger and revenue data and subsidy paid with regards to the 11/879 Oswaldtwistle - Hollins school bus.

Also have you any suggestions on how I could make this service feasible.

Alan Pilkington, Depot Manager, PilkingtonBus