Wednesday, 5 October 2011

Help Direct - Safe Trader Scheme in partnership with Lancashire County Council Trading Standards

Help Direct - Safe Trader Scheme set up by the previous Labour County Council through County Council Trading Standards department aims to protect consumers across Lancashire.

Since being elected I have pressed for empowering consumer rights and this is one way. I wrote to Ed Miliband back in the summer to highlight what a big issue this is for ordinary people and I am grateful he has made announcements that the Labour party aim to tackle this issue.

I spoke with John Denham at Party conference on this matter and I am delighted we are going to put bad businesses and bad traders on the back foot. I will keep pressing this issue of responsibility in business or elsewhere.

Send a message to the cowboys and rip off merchants by only using traders accredited on LCC's HelpDirect Safe Trader Scheme website. With your help they will soon be struggling for business.

The Safe Trader Scheme aims to help people find traders for property repairs, home improvements and also domestic services such as cleaning, laundry and shopping delivery. It is funded by Lancashire County Council as part of the Help Direct service.

Find a trader

All members of the Help Direct Safe Trader Scheme have shown they are committed to treating their customers honestly and fairly by committing to a Code of Practice. Traders also agree to work with Trading Standards to resolve problems if they should occur.

Businesses on the scheme are monitored using customer feedback. Read more about our membership criteria.

Need extra help?

Home Improvement Agencies (HIAs) in Lancashire provide impartial help, advice and support on all aspects of home improvements, adaptations, repairs and maintenance works to your homes. For more information see:

The Scheme cannot guarantee the financial standing of members, their health and safety procedures, or that their work will never give rise to complaint. By using a member firm, consumers can minimise the risk of dispute and be assured that if there are problems we will assist in resolving them.