Wednesday, 5 October 2011

LCC Chief Exec paints a pessimistic outlook for the future of Great Harwood Recycling Centre

I wrote to the Chief Executive of Lancashire County Council over the proposed closure of Great Harwood's recycling centre which I have objected to along with thousands of people from Great Harwood, Clayton and the Ribble Valley.

An online epetition can be found here. A written petition was also collected and this I presented to Parliament.

The reply (see below) paints a gloomy picture and gives the impression that it will close. The arguments why this is the wrong decision can be found here
The Accrington Observer report with comments can be found here. This week Ciaran Wells, Labour's Deputy Leader at LCC made a strong case on Radio Lancashire (reported on BBC website) about the impact of 67,000 journeys to Whinney Hill recycling centre where Great Harwood residents are being asked to consider going.