Wednesday, 2 November 2011

Labour’s five point plan for jobs and growth

Yesterday's growth figures confirm that the British economy has been flatlining for the last year – well before the eurozone crisis of recent months.

Just 0.5% growth in the twelve months since the Tory-led government’s spending review compares to 2.6% growth in the previous twelve months when we were starting to recover from the global financial crash.

Yesterday marked the start of a month in which David Cameron and George Osborne will be put to the test on the economy – from the G20 summit starting today to George Osborne's autumn statement at the end of November.

From the complacent and out of touch response of Ministers last night, it’s pretty clear that the Tories won't be standing up for the families and pensioners struggling to pay the bills, the young people out of work in record numbers and the businesses on the edge.

So they need the Labour Party to stand up for them – and to show the government there is a better way.

There are three things we can do put pressure on David Cameron and George Osborne right now – and help get the message out about Labour’s five point plan for jobs:

1. Read about Labour's five point plan for jobs - and sign up to get involved
2. Sign the petition to support our jobs plan
3. Support our five point jobs plan on Facebook

The economic stagnation and rising unemployment that the Tory-led Government's reckless policies have delivered mean the government is set to borrow £46 billion more than they planned. After yesterday’s figures, the Chancellor will now have to downgrade his growth forecasts for a fourth time later this month - and again revise up his borrowing forecasts

Without a plan for jobs, the country can't get the strong growth needed to get unemployment down and the deficit down too.

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