Wednesday, 14 December 2011

PMQs and a Government running out of steam

Following several weeks of non prime ministerial PMQs and a Government running out of steam questions have to be asked about Mr Cameron.

If Ed Miliband is so bad, how is it that Mr Cameron loses more than he wins. He offers up windbag answers and when struggling, which is often, rants on about Labour making I up as he goes. His jokes are wooden and he has lost his temper so many times I have lost count. It's got so bad that Tory whips have 'cheer now' boards.
Cameron's joke about 'at least we're not brothers' was crass and the type of joke that would appeal to a thick toff.

He is struggling badly at PMQs but this is symptomatic of the general tenure of a failing government hanging onto every last voter sympathy.

This weeks Euro veto was a no brainer for a cornered Prime Minister. As Samuel Johnson said, " "Patriotism is the last refuge of a scoundrel."

Ed meanwhile is learning the skills of the dispatch box. He had Labour backbenchers waving their papers and roaring with laughter on several occasions. Hardly the sign of a man in trouble. Mondays mauling of Dave even had new labourites coming out and congratulating him.