Friday, 2 December 2011

More New Homes Bonus misery for East Lancashire

The Governments relentless drive to cut local government, and to cut it even further in the North transferring resources to the south goes on unabated.

The Tories simply don't care about the North. This weeks announcements on New Homes Bonus funding to Hyndburn and Rossendale and indicate there has been no change to the rise in the rich south at the expense of the North.

Last year Hyndburn received £62,942 in its first year allocation of The New Homes Bonus, the 11th lowest from 354 local authorities. This year that has been reduced to just  £52,371.

Last year Rossendale Council received £102,472 rising this year by a small amount to £114,639.

What the Tories don't get is less local funding for Council's in the North - where it must be said there are greater problems and pressures on local Councils -  means local Council's have to reduce grants to charities, voluntary groups and if you are listening Mr Cameron, your Big Society.

The gap is widening at huge rate and the New Homes Bonus is one of the problems, not one of the solutions.