Saturday, 14 January 2012

Big Energy Week, the Citizen’s Advice initiative to help consumers spend less heating their home

Next week is Big Energy Week, the Citizen’s Advice initiative to help consumers spend less heating their home. Many older constituents will be struggling with energy bills this year, following the impact of last year’s hefty 21% or £224 price hike on their winter fuel bills.

As a result, growing numbers of concerned consumers may wish to get ion touch with me for help, support or advice on how they can manage their energy costs, with no access to the internet.

As part of the solution, has launched a service called ‘Send us your bill’, designed to help households that are not online to get accurate and impartial information about energy prices and to switch to a cheaper deal.

Instead of going online, customers can post their energy bills for free to so that a trained adviser can use the information to find the best deals and then call the customer back to talk them through their findings and the potential savings on their energy bills.

These vulnerable groups, including the elderly, are more likely to switch with a doorstep seller and therefore lose out by being sold an uncompetitive new energy plan, often costing more than their existing plan.

Households interested in the ‘Send us your bill’ service should post a copy of their latest energy bill with a contact telephone number to: FREEPOST USWITCH. Alternatively, people can call 0800 093 06 07 to speak to a customer services adviser. Copies of bills will not be returned afterwards, but will be destroyed.

uSwitch have said they will provide my constituency office on Abbey Street with a number of FREEPOST uswitch PREPAID envelopes. are consistently campaigning to make it easier for people to reduce their energy bills and Big Energy Week will really help raise the profile of these issues. If you would like any further information or have any questions about the envelopes or about, please don't hesitate to get in touch.