Tuesday, 3 January 2012

Campaign for Better Bus Services in Lancashire

I have always had a strong view that public transport is underinvested and vital to economic wellbeing. The campaign to get the Todmorden Curve reinstated and a direct rail link to Manchester from Accrington Station was successful and the track and service should be operable early 2013.

It is buses though that are the staple of public transport in Lancashire and yet we suffer a third class service. Punctuality, information, frequency, lack of provision, withdrawals of service, old vehicles the list goes on.

Lancashire should have information systems that rival those of London. Real time information. It should not end at electronic signs a bus stops but include smartphone apps and a frequent service with better maps.

I have raised this issue several times with the cabinet member Tim Ashton and whilst sympathetic, Lancashire's Conservatives have no intention of spending extra money on bus services. In fact they have cut the funding for the pilot for electronic signage in Preston.

It's about making a difference and this new year marks the beginning of a new campaign for improved bus travel.