Thursday, 19 January 2012

Labour promises to take tough action against Rogue Landlords

I have worked very closely with Shadow housing minister Jack Dromey on this matter and other housing matters. Committed, hard working and consious of the huge negative impact poor housing has. It is one of the main contributors the widening gap bewteen rich and poor and the growth of disenfranchised and dislocated underclass.

Jack Dromey has backed my view and reiterated the Labour Government's intention to regulate the private rented sector (PRS) after he said the abuse of tenants shown in Channel 4's Landlords from Hell programme was 'truly shocking'.

The programme - which uncovered families sent by councils to live in filthy, bed bug-infested homes - aired in December.
Mr Dromey stated: “The abuse of tenants that was highlighted in “Landlords from Hell” was truly shocking. Rather than taking decisive action to tackle bad landlords, this out of touch Government has labelled protections for tenants as “red tape.
More and more people live in privately rented homes. New research shows that rents are soaring and a growing amount of tenants face abuse. Labour introduced a national register of landlords, regulation of letting and managing agents and compulsory written tenancy agreements, all scrapped by Grant Shapps.
Labour policy is to regulate the Private Rented Sector to drive standards up and rogue landlords out, protecting tenants and the many reputable landlords.
Teh Government have been resisting regulation on the private rented sector talking up the advantagweous role the sector plays. Clearly Grant Shapps has little or no idea how bad it is in many places such as Hyndburn. How the 2005 Housing Act is weak in providing local councillors with sufficient powers and is overly bureaucratic.
In the Government's Housing Strategy, published last month, it said it was "committed" to supporting growth and innovation in the PRS by "avoiding unnecessary regulatory burdens on landlords".
It said it was also looking at measures to deal with rogue landlords and "encouraging local authorities to make full use of the robust powers they already have to tackle dangerous and poorly maintained homes".

However they have in Government scraps Labour's national landlord register and roll back the regulations on Houses in Multiple Occupation (HMO's). Family houses that have been divided into flats and can be dingy and dangerous.