Monday, 9 January 2012

Hyndburn Council begins it's own Grand Design - can Hyndburn tempt interest from Msrs Clarke or McCloud?

To George Clarke Ch4 Property Scandal; To Kevin McCloud Grand Designs.

Dear ....

I hope you thought the launch in Parliament (I organised and sponsored the room for Channel 4 as a board member of the Empty Homes Agency) for the launch of Channel 4's Great British Property Scandal week which went very well. There was a packed attendance and a huge amount of interest.

It is exciting that Grand Designs has taken on the challenges of the bottom end of the market and with that in mind I thought it would be worth drawing your attention to the actions of Hyndburn Council who are about to undertake an 'empty homes Grand Design project'. Rather than simply demolish they have taken on some of the most appalling Victorian terraced houses in order to to bring them back into use for affordable rent.

The properties are almost all in the Council’s hands and a preferred partner has been chosen; plans will be considered in the next two months. The transformation will include making them into low-carbon homes and remodelling something old into something contemporary. There are of course wider issues and the Council will be using its powers to do other work on the remaining houses not in their ownership but which are in a poor condition.

I thought you may be interested and I am sure your views would be welcome at such an early stage. The contact details at Hyndburn Council are...


Graham Jones MP
House of Commons