Thursday, 5 January 2012

Minister says the Government may back my private member’s bill to tighten the 1964 Scrap Metals Dealers Act

My private members bill seems have some support from the minister Lord Henley. I met with Lord Henley in early December and have since submitted the full draft of the bill.

I have done a lengthy interview for Radio 4 which will be broadcast tonight at 8pm on Metal Theft. In advance of that the 'The Metal Recycling Weekly' has reported today that;
Home Office minister Lord Henley suggested the government was moving towards supporting legislation to deal with the booming trade in stolen metal estimated to be costing the UK economy £770m a year.
Henley told BBC Radio 4’s The Report, due to be broadcast tonight at 8pm: “The idea that possibly you could go cashless is something we’re considering, as well as the idea that you should provide proper proof of identity when you get to a scrap metal yard. 
“At the moment you can just go there and sign in as Mickey Mouse or whoever. We want proper ID so there’s greater transparency and a greater chain of who owns what.”
Henley said the government could lend its backing to a private member’s bill to tighten legislation, saying the 1964 Scrap Metals Dealers Act needs improving.