Tuesday, 31 January 2012

979 households in Hyndburn are set to lose at least £483 a year under Governments Bedroom Tax

Imagine being forced to pay an additional £483 every year simply to stay in your home. That is the stark reality facing an estimated 979 low income households in Hyndburn if Government proposals to penalise social housing tenants for ‘under-occupying’ their properties become law unamended.

There is an alternative. In December, peers from all three parties voted overwhelmingly to exempt households who have just one extra bedroom and nowhere else to move to. This amendment will mitigate the worst impact of the bedroom tax.

The Welfare Reform Bill returns to the Commons this Wednesday. By accepting this reasonable compromise, you will protect some of the most vulnerable UK households.

Your support will mean the difference between them making ends meet and living in hardship.

To find out what you can do, please visit www.housing.org.uk/bedroomtax or contact James Green on 020 7067 1185 or james.green@housing.org.uk.

The Federation's bedroom tax campaign advert at Westminster tube station