Saturday, 10 March 2012

Cabinet Action Days - Hyndburn's Labour Councillors leading the way

Under they Tories it was business as usual. Sorry to be start critical but starting with facts requires less subjective opinion. Allowances rose generously. Expenses rose is even more generously and were indulged. New and more innovative ways were thought of to fill the trough. It's all on the record. The blue corner had a knees up. Awash with money, meetings were about carefree and careless multi million £ handouts. No one lifted a finger, it was all easy go.

This was always going to change under Labour and 10 months it what a refreshing change it has been. Cabinet Action Days follow on from Cabinet street surgeries. Both supported by all elected members.

It's a pleasure to see an absence of bickering. A willingness to graft. To see MP and senior councillors leading. Showing staff and residents they care to the extent of getting their hands a little dirty. Litter picking, rubbish clearing, back yard clearances in various neighbourhoods throughout Hyndburn. Not content with the grime end of business, Labour cabinet members and I have been holding various street surgeries listening to your issues.

Following on from Friday's street surgery on Oswaldtwsitle high street - Union Road - Hyndburn's Labour Council Cabinet with a community clean up @ Spring Hill - Miller Fold this morning.

The challenge is for the blue corner to show as much civic pride and leadership?