Wednesday, 21 March 2012

Labour Council removes another illegal traveller encampment

Your Labour Council has once again removed an illegal traveller site in a short space of time.

Whilst it is illegal to set up such encampments, there are some 90 traveller picthes in Hyndburn, far higher than other local authorities so there can be no excuses for such behaviour.

Congratulations must go to Deputy Leader Clare Pritchard whose sterling efforts resulted in a swift-ish removal.

The initial delay was caused by the roadside encampment being under the jurisdiction of the highways authority Lancashire County Council and not Hyndburn Borough Council where previous illegal encampments have been established.

Under the Tories much handwringing took place and traveller sites permitted to last for months with a total lack of will to overcome any problems to their removal.

Councillor Pritchard's tenacious approach, including court appearances ensured not only have the travellers been removed, but the land and the highways have been sealed - as at other sites she has cleared - to prevent any return.

Hyndburn's Labour Council is making the borough a no-go area for illegal encampaments. I have written to the Secreatary of State to ensure changes in the law will support the powers local councils have in tackling this issue.