Monday, 19 March 2012

Loss of 116 police officers who respond to 999 emergency calls in Lancashire

There has been a loss of 116 police officers who respond to 999 emergency calls in Lancashire, a 6% cut.

The cut in Lancashire contributes to a loss so far of 5,200 emergency response officers in England and Wales.

Analysis by the House of Commons library of data provided by every force in England and Wales has shown a shocking cut of 116 in the number of police officers who respond to 999 emergency calls in Lancashire.

The independent police watchdog, Her Majesty’s Inspectorate of Constabulary, considers the following units as those that respond to 999 calls: Response; Neighbourhood; Community Safety/relations; Probationers (Student Officers); Traffic; Dogs; Mounted.

It is among these units that Lancashire has seen a cut of 6%.

The blame for these cuts lies squarely with the Tory-led Government. Our Chief Constable has been put in an impossible decision by this Government’s decision to cut police funding by 20%.

We recognise savings need to be made, but the Government has doubled Labour’s cuts to police funding, and made the steepest cuts in the first two years. That’s not an attack on waste, that’s an attack on the police.

With the loss of 116 police officers in teams that respond to 999 calls, the evidence is absolutely clear. This Government has no plan to cut crime, only to cut police officers.


HMIC ‘visible’ definition can be found here:

These units lead on “responding to 999 calls, attending traffic accidents, patrolling neighbourhoods”.

The cut in emergency officers in Lancashire is from 31st March 2010 to 31 March 2011].