Thursday, 15 March 2012

MP & Councillors unite save the No.12 Bus Service to Woodnook & Baxenden

I have written - and even bemoaned - about the fragmented bus system in Lancashire and the loss of certain routes. Baxenden (Southwood Drive) via Woodnook was one.

June Harrison Labour Councillor for Barnfield, Terry Hurn Conservative Councillor for Baxenden and I have made representations to LCC and to bus companies to seek a possible commercial reinstatement of the much needed No.12 route through Woodnook to Baxenden and down Southwood Drive.

I'd like to thank June for her efforts in Woodnook in advertising this service, Councillor Hurn for leafleting Baxenden adverting the service and Pilkington's for providing the service.

It isn't here to stay though if people don't use it. It is not a full timetable but it is one which won't make a loss. 

As I have written about previously we must move towards re-regulating the timetable, bring the bus service into the 21st century.

Attached timetable for our new Baxenden/ Woodnock service. The service was introduced on 30th January 2012.

Passenger numbers aren't great and it is hoped they will increase. Two weeks ago the service carried 268 passengers.