Saturday, 10 March 2012

National No Smoking Day - Wednesday 14 March.

The National No Smoking Day Campaign is all about helping people who want to quit – which two thirds of smokers tell us they want to do. The focus is on letting smokers know the benefits of quitting and telling them about the different methods and aids available to help them quit.

This year they kicked off the campaign early on Leap Year Day to help reach more smokers. This was in response to feedback from previous campaigns when smokers said they often didn't hear about No Smoking Day until the day itself and weren't ready or prepared to quit then and there. By using the Leap Year Day to promote the campaign smokers are being given the time to see their GP or local smoking cessation advisor, stock up on gum and patches, tell friends and family they're quitting and make any other preparations they need to be ready to go smokefree on 14 March 2012.

Hundreds of local organisations – local stop smoking services, health authorities, pharmacies – will be running local events in the run up to No Smoking Day and on the day itself to promote the benefits of quitting and give people information about how they can stop smoking.

The No Smoking Day campaign is still on so please continue to show your support by sending a message via Twitter and Facebook to help us reach as many people as possible.

@TheBHF I'm supporting all smokers in [INSERT AREA] to #taketheleap and quit @NoSmokingDay

Good luck to all smokers in [INSERT AREA] who are going to take the leap and quit on No Smoking Day on March 14. If you need more inspiration visit