Friday, 27 April 2012

Cameron's integrity questioned over murky Murdock links

This week the shadow of sleaze and cronyism hangs heavily over David Cameron as he refuses to come clean over evidence that his Government provided privileged access to Rupert Murdoch’s News Corporation when it tried to take over BSkyB last year.

First he refused to sack Culture Secretary Jeremy Hunt, despite the weight of evidence against him. Then, despite all-party calls to do so, he refused even to ask the independent adviser on ministerial interests to examine whether Mr Hunt broke the Ministerial Code.

When it comes to the Murdochs, this is an out of touch, weak Prime Minister. He is unable to discharge his duties and stand up for the public interest.

People watching David Cameron’s actions will conclude that he has a great deal to hide and that his real fear is that Jeremy Hunt's resignation will put his own actions and behaviour centre stage.

The Tories promised change but it hasn’t happened because they are putting the wrong people first. The elections on Thursday 3 May provide the opportunity to send a message to this out of touch Tory-led Government that now is the time for change.