Thursday, 26 April 2012

Jeremy Hunt's defence: how the minister's statement stacks up

The Guardian carries a forensic analysis explaining why Jeremy Hunt's defence is at odds witht the evidence.

The accusation is simple.
That The Tories wanted Murdock onside before the last General Election and Murdock (News Corp) wanted to extend the media ownership beyond what is acceptable. They own 40% of worlds media, numerous UK newspapers and a large shareholding in BSKYB and Sky News Channel.

The concerns is a deal was done. The Sun (and other titles) switch support to the Tories and when in Government Daviod Cameron who is personal friends with several News International senior figures will facilitate a Murdock takeover of the remainig shares of BSKYB.

A minister who is a friend, a safe pair of hands, loyal to David Cameron takes up the post of Secretary of State for Culture Media and Sport, (Jeremy Hunt) to deliver the dirty deal whilst proclaiming impartitality.
Of course this is just an opinion based on the evidence presented so far. The Guardian article disects the Culture Secreatry's defence and draws a clear conclusion that Mr Hunt's arguments do not sit witht the evidence.

I find it incredible that Adam Smith, his special advisor acted without his knowledge. Adam Smith has not denied the content - how could he - and provided a back channel to enure the Murdocks takeover of BSKYB went ahead.

LINK: Guardian analysis of Hunt's defence.