Tuesday, 17 April 2012

Peel Holdings can't assume they can have all their own way

Peel Holdings, having lost a planning application for a conversion of Whitebirk retail park have to accept the democratic process. Hyndburn Councillors turned down their application and quite rightly so.

Peel have been engaged in a backdoor campaign to acquire permissions they had already failed to achieve at Hyndburn's planning committee and for which they had appealed and lost previously.

There reputation as a predator company has seriously dented their reputation. They have pushed through a number of minor seemingly inconsequential permissions, fought then to amend legal precedents in the courts in Sunderland that potentially turn those minor permissions into a full blown undemocratic approval.

Peel had provided written email agreements to Hyndburn Council accepting that binding 106 restrictions on restricted planning use would remain even though minor planning conscent was being sought for minor changes of use, moving a door, a window or an internal wall.

No Peel are arguing that these email agreements are worthless and as such Hyndburn Council has negated it's own previous binding 106 restrictions allowing Peel to develop the site as they wish without any further approvals.

Jack Straw has secured the support of the Secretary of State Eric Pickles in accepting that minor changes should not aggregate up to a deceptive full blown application that no longer requires planning permission.

What Peel have done is sneaky and underhand. Predator capitalists willing to bend the rules via the back door, exploit local people and the democratic process for commercial gain.

Their arguments about more jobs and more business are to me pie in the sky figures, promises from a company who how lowered their standards of conduct considerably in order to get what they want. Nowheer does it mention the economic damage or jobs lost elsewhere.