Wednesday, 18 April 2012

Tories double deceit on Woodnook regeneration

The Tories are running a local election campaign that says outside of the Barnfield ward they will pull the £2.3million their government has ringfenced for the area - incompetence in itself - and spend it elsewhere. In Barnfield ward itself they are suggesting that it will remain in order to appeal to all people.

The reality is this funding is allocated by government and the promises of spending elsewhere malcious campaigning for the purpose of stealing votes under false pretences.

The second deceit is their claims that they have private investors. Private investors who feel they need to talk to the Councillor in the ward and not to the Council for no such approach has been made to the Council.

I cannot believe that any serious investor who would need to consider investing nearly £10m would speak to a backbench opposition councilor and not the Council about his investment. That that backbench councillor would withold that 'wonderful' opportujnity from his residents and the Council and save it for his election leaflets.

It is deceitful. It is also highly likely that it is also Walter Mitty.

People in Rishton and Great Harwood and other townships are being deceived too. The reality is that money can't be moved. The Government allocated to the Council for the purposes fo addressing the legacy of Housing Market Renewal which the government accepted it ended to quickly. Council Tax is not being used to fund this regeneration.

The reality is the Tories lost theri crowns, the leader his golden thrown and minnions, their lavish expenses system which they used to line their own pockets and they will do anything to get back in to power.