Wednesday, 30 May 2012

Figures show LCC redundancies hit women three times as hard

Lancashire County Council have released figures showing women have been hit three times as hard when it comes to redundancies.

The number of  employees who have left the employment of the authority from:  4th June 2009 – May 1st 2012 is 10,874. Of these 8,146 are women and 2,782 are men.

It is easy to understand why female votes, often on part time or low wages are turning away from the coalition party's. They are not fair and clearly 'We are not all in it together as George Osborne claimed in the News of the World at the last election.

A ComRes poll in the Independent this morning shows that only 29% of women voters now support the Conservatives, while 45% will vote Labour and 14% Lib Dem. Furthermore, the Tories are ahead among only one age group – those aged 65 and over. Labour leads the Tories across all the social groups of working age.

Of each the directorates at Lancashire County Council, the numbers being made redundant are; Office of Chief Executive 271, Children and Young People 1,069, Schools 6,563, DSO 1,641, Resources 189, Adult and Community Services 1,063, Environment 271.